Visitations in SJSR

Visitations Resource Page

This page has all the information and links that are needed for fraternity councils and members to participate actively in the visitation process.

The fraternity minister should receive an announcement of the visitation - this will confirm the visitation date, who the pastoral and fraternal visitors are, the location of the visitation, and (only if needed) the mailing address for the evaluation forms.

PLEASE NOTE: the entire process is much easier and faster if online evaluation forms are used whenever possible. Some members may not have internet access - this is why paper versions are available and may be downloaded, printed, completed and mailed. Additional time before the visitation will be needed for evaluation forms which will be mailed.

There is a calendar at the bottom of the page for information about scheduled visitations.

For general questions about the visitation process and calendar, please contact

Visitations Forms and Links

Preparation Materials

The following items will come in handy when preparing for a Visitation

  • Update the fraternity roster (including current contact information), and have a copy ready for the visitors

  • Review the Visitation Checklist and Evaluation Forms (see below)

Make sure all fraternity members have access - online or on paper - to evaluation forms, and that they know where to send them. The email announcing the Visitation will also contain links to both the online forms and PDFs version which can be printed and mailed (although it is better to submit evaluations online).

Please contact if there are any questions during the preparation phase.

Online Evaluation Forms

Use these online forms whenever possible - the process faster, easier, and respects God's creation!

Paper Evaluation Forms

Only use if necessary - the online forms are a better way to submit evaluations. Thanks!

About Visitations in SJSR

Francis, in his wisdom, asked for groups in his Order to conduct a visitation every three years “to revive the evangelical Franciscan Spirit, to assure fidelity to the charism and to the Rule, to offer help to fraternity life, to reinforce the bond of the unity of the Order, and to promote its most effective insertion into the Franciscan family and the Church.”

Therefore, it is with joy that the regional council schedules Visitations each year (pandemic permitting, of course).

Brief Description

A meeting with the Council will be held during the visitation either before or after the Fraternity meeting. Members of the Council should bring their binders to the meeting. The treasurer should bring the banking statements and bank book. The Fraternity Register should also be brought as the visitors need to sign it.

During the Visitation, the visitors will spend approximately one hour watching a regular fraternity meeting. They will preside over the Visitation discussion, which will begin with prayer and will include all fraternity members and attendees. If fraternity gatherings usually begin with a time of prayer, that would be appropriate. The fraternity is asked to provide name tags for all members and visitors.


Evaluation forms - both printable PDFs and links to online versions - were provided in the email which delivers the Visitation announcement, and also right here on this page! Please read that email carefully.

Well in advance of the visitation day the following should be completed:

  • EACH FRATERNITY MEMBER should submit an evaluation form

  • The Council should prepare responses to the Self-Evaluation together and submit them once

  • The Spiritual Assistant, if you have one, should submit their evaluation

These evaluations are an important part of the Visitation. Fraternity input is valued and needed. Please try to submit them at least TWO WEEKS before the scheduled Visitation date. Online versions are the preferred way for ALL responses to be submitted, but paper forms are still an option. For questions about the submission of evaluations, please contact


Visitations and Elections Calendar

This section is for the REC Visitors only